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Why Be Ordinary When You Can Be EXTRAordinary

Relationship Secrets Revealed

We all wish we knew the secrets behind strong, lasting relationships. Whether we’re hurting after a break up or fuming over an argument, we often struggle to figure out what’s truly missing in our romantic lives. That’s the beauty of it though: The insights are usually hidden in the struggle. If...


What Will You DO to Manage Your Time Better?

In order to effectively manage your time, you must shift your perspective so that you stay focused on what you truly want to accomplish. Typically, we don’t care about managing time outside of our relationship to overall accomplishment. If we had nothing to do, we wouldn’t feel the need to...


Get Those Great Ideas Out of Your Head and Put Them on Paper

Remember that great idea you had in the shower yesterday? Oops, it's gone, right? That can happen a lot. Despite our best intentions to take action on a bomb idea, sometimes we forget or get busy, and it just doesn't happen. That is why you should put your best ideas in writing! Here are a few...


Robbing Peter to Pay Paul....Don't Do It!

Do you get tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul? Changing your habits in the area of emotional spending can change your life..... HERE ARE 10 WAYS TO STOP EMOTIONAL SPENDING: 1. CONFRONT THE FEELINGS THAT ACCOMPANY YOUR EMOTIONAL SPENDING Being aware of the...


How to Appreciate Where You Are in The Journey of Life

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. You may have heard this quote before. Who said it is not really important, but what's important is how you say it to yourself. Do you actually believe the quote? Or is your conscious telling you that somehow it makes sense and for logical...


Introspection Before Conflict: Being Prepared from the Inside Out

When we know a conflict is coming, we can experience physical symptoms like sweaty palms, a quickened pulse, and sometimes even a flushed face. These bodily signals tell us it’s time to take a deep breath and do some introspection. Before you face a conflict, consider these questions: o...