10-Day Guide To Time-Management For Busy Women

Making Every Moment in Life Count

Time management is an invaluable skill. You MUST Master it!

Lisa is a good woman, but she can’t sleep at night.

When Lisa was 27 years old, she and her sister started a small business as travel agents for those with lots of expendable income. They loved the thrill of and the joy of connecting with new people every week, but eventually her sister enrolled in law school and left to start a “real career.”

Lisa hired a couple of ladies and kept going. She spent more time booking the trips and less time leading them, but she still got to travel at least once a month during the busy season.

Soon thereafter, she met Thomas, fell in love, and started making plans for a family. Seeing that she needed to be more conservative with her traveling and spending, Lisa moved to the office full time. One day while researching new equipment, she saw an unfilled industry, and the light bulb went off. This was her avenue for more income and a wealthier life. She called up some old friends and started a new venture.

Now, at the age of 35, Lisa and Thomas have two kids with another on the way and a beautiful house in a respectable neighborhood. Lisa’s days are filled with phone calls, meetings with manufacturers, outdoor-oriented trade shows, and trips to China to oversee production and fulfillment. She is a great financial contributor to her family, but she doesn’t get to spend much time with them.

Lisa also hasn’t had need of her passport in three years, and Lisa can’t sleep at night.

Can you see the problem?

Lisa doesn’t know how to manage her time. Sure, she’s financially successful and likely an inspiration to a lot of people, but she is not happy because her days are filled with activity that doesn’t mean much to her as much as it did before.

If you look around Lisa’s life, you’ll see other symptoms of this problem. She’s chronically late to meetings, important tasks frequently fall through the cracks, and she’s known for being impatient.

So is Lisa destined to remain unhappy and unfulfilled?

Fortunately not. Her problem is actually pretty easy to overcome.

Of course there’s no “silver bullet” that will suddenly cure a lifetime of deeply engrained patterns. But with a shift of perspective, the right tools, and a little guidance, anyone can become a brilliant time manager.

And now those tools and tactics are readily available for YOU, in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow format.

Having proper time management skills really does benefits every area of your life, from home to work to your various social engagements.

When you learn the tools of time management, every moment takes on more meaning, and your relationships get richer and more fulfilling.

Every day you’re met with a million little responsibilities and demands. Filling your time with the minutia leaves no room for the important stuff, and before you know it, you’re stuck.

The truth is that managing your time is all about focusing on what matters most and letting go of the rest of it. That way your life can fill up with people, experiences, pursuits and opportunities that are chosen by you…and you will be the master in the middle of all of it.

This training will help you build more trust, create new opportunities, and stay sane and focused in all areas of your life.

This enlightening course is loaded with tips and tools that you can use right away to help navigate the challenges of life, both internal & external. You will grow stronger, more aware, and more grounded with each passing module.

As soon as you begin your course, you’ll find yourself honing in on what’s most important and making better choices that support you and your goals. You’ll find that you are more organized, less stressed, and miraculously have more time in your day.


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In this course, you'll discover…

  • 3 inner game tricks used by the best time managers in history
  • How to take control of your time and eliminate what doesn’t matter
  • 4 easy steps to keeping the best of perfectionism and leaving the rest behind
  • Simple ways to eliminate distraction from your daily life
  • How to ask for help in the best, most effective ways possible
  • A 3-step process to avert and escape daily DRAMA
  • How to outsmart your smart phone, and make technology work for you
  • How to empower the people around you and save yourself a ton of time.

Course Syllabus:

Module #1 – The 3 Secrets of Brilliant Time Management

Module #2 – How to Handle Your Time Suckers

Module #3 – The Resources Around You

Module #4 – 7 Habits of Amazing Time Managers

Module #5 – Great Delegation

Module #6 – The Power of Imperfection

It’s like having a coach, mentor or cheerleader in your back pocket to help you navigate your life, whenever you need it. You can even add on a one-on-one coaching session as an option!

Enroll anytime and begin anytime!! What better time than now! This 10-Day Guide To Time-Management For Busy Women is designed with your success and life-satisfaction in mind. Buying this course and applying the lessons they hold will improve your relationships, gain you more respect, and give you clearer vision in every area of your life.


Your Instructor

Kelly J
Kelly J

Kelly Jefferson, affectionately called "Kelly J", currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She's married to her soulmate, AJ, and they have three beautiful children. She enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, and learning new things!

Kelly retired early from a corporate career of nearly 20 years with the Department of Justice. She holds numerous degree's and accolades in Criminal Justice and Psychology, establishing her long standing in-depth experience in interpersonal life coaching on many levels.


In 2011, Kelly J launched globally recognized brand, Natural Girls Rock. She owns a retail boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. As well, she manages a highly successful e-commerce website (www.NaturalGirlsRock.com).

Kelly is a small business coach, consultant, brand builder, master marketer, content creator, social media strategist and overall visionary.

She founded Natural Girls Rock® six years ago and has built it to be a multi-million dollar brand. More importantly, her inspirational work has changed the lives of women all over the world.

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Life Coach (CLC), Kelly J expresses her passion of helping others live and lead EXTRAordinary lives.

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